Here is Tao Zhang (Tao, 张涛).

I am a senior student majoring in Automation at Wuhan University. In the fall of 2024, I will be enrolled in the School of Engineering at Westlake University, majoring in Computer Science under the supervision of Professor Tailin Wu. In the future, I hope to integrate control theory and artificial intelligence to make impactful contributions.

If you are interested in any aspect of me, I would love to chat and collaborate, please email me at -

Research Interests

  • Control Theory
  • Machine learning
  • complex Systems

My current research focuses on how to analyze the controllability and observability of complex systems and control or even design them with machine learning.

📖 Educations

  • *2020.09 - 2024.06 *, B.S. in Wuhan University
  • *2024.09 - now *, PhD in Westlake University & Zhejiang University

📝 Publications